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A deterministic model for corrosion and activity incorporation in nuclear power plants

6th Framework Programme, EURATOM, 2007-2008


To accomplish this objective a team of three organisations (i.e. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, ALARA Engineering AB and BG H2 Society) working actively in the field of nuclear energy has been established. All these partners have a long experience on the field of study. VTT and BG H2 Society share the same interest in modeling the oxide film behaviour in different process conditions. On the other hand, ALARA Engineering has a long history in monitoring of nuclear reactor components and environments. The ANTIOXI project will implement current knowledge of the nuclear power plant chemistry, activity build-up and material behaviour together with extensive theoretical modeling in those environments in one entity to develop safer and more user-friendly tools for maintaining the power plants.

The overall objective of the ANTIOXI project is to construct a deterministic predictive model for activity build-up and corrosion phenomena in nuclear power plants (NPP), based on an improved mechanistic understanding and tested against real-life data from selected LWRs providing activity and chemistry data. The purpose of this kind of model is to help estimating activity build-up rates in present and future nuclear power plants in Europe in a quantitative way and predicting trends in these rates in order to provide a more comprehensive basis for the planning of support actions of the maintenance personnel.

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