National and International Mission

BG H2 Societyis anInter-University Research Centre, which implements the National Programme for scientific research Hydrogen Technologies Hydrogen Economy, including advanced fuel cells, materials for hydrogen power industry, modern methods for hydrogen production, methods for hydrogen storage/transport, hydrogen utilisation as well as MSc course in Hydrogen Technologies and education of PhD students.

The Society is a National Association with major purpose to accelerate the scientific and technological progress in the field of the Hydrogen technologies and their introduction into education, as it is acknowledged by the European Commission as partner in various European projects.


Public Mission

To associate and coordinate the work of all national, state, public and private Bulgarian research and development organizations, involved in the field of Hydrogen technologies with the European Hydrogen Association and related organizations worldwide, including NATO structures;

To consult and advice the high state authorities and institutions, the activities for incorporation of the advanced achievements of Hydrogen technologies in the country defence, national economics and into the everyday life;

To organize, coordinate and assist methodologically, with information and funding its associated members to participate in international and national scientific events, thematically related to the Hydrogen technologies

To inform the Bulgarian public about the advantages and benefits of hydrogen as an alternative, pure and economically effective power source. To make popular in Bulgaria the world experience in the field of the hydrogen technologies.

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