Government body of BG H2 Society

The organization structure of BHS, constituted on 17 February 2004, established it as a national coordinator in the non-governmental sector in the field of the hydrogen technologies.

The Bulgarian Hydrogen Society is represented by

Board of Directors

Business Committee

Scientific Committee

  • Chairman: academic Alexander Popov - BAS, Sofia
  • Secretary: Bogdan Tzvetkov, PhD, Eng – UCTM, Sofia

Directors of the sectors

  • prof. Martin Bojinov, DSc – “Energy Technologies”
  • prof. Tony Spassov, DSc – “Education”
  • prof. Luben Totev, PhD – “Environmental Technologies”
  • assoc. prof. Mitko Georgiev, PhD – “Defence Technologies”

National Fund “Hydrogen and the Global Worming”

The major purpose of the Fund is to support the general activity of BG H2 Society, the field of science and education in Hydrogen Technologies. The Fund is responsible for: building a structure for management of funds aimed in Hydrogen Technologies; design of a programme for funding of activities and projects in the field of Hydrogen Technologies; supervision and control over the funds for the Hydrogen Technologies. The Fund is the principal financial source of the National Programme Hydrogen Technologies Hydrogen Economy as well as the programmes of the European Hydrogen Association.

The Fund is governed by the Board of Directors of the Society according to its by-laws.

The Fund resources are collected from: grants, charity events, membership fees, Bulgarian State Budget, European funds, other sources according the Bulgarian laws.

Bank Account of the National Fund “Hydrogen and the Global Worming”:
Raiffeisenbank EAD , Sofia branch, office “Studentski grad”

  • IBAN: BG 26 RZBB 9155 1466 5750 02

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